Thursday, August 30, 2012

My first new anything in a looong while. Took me a few days on and off, as I was feeling up to it. Wearing the wrist brace all the time seems to have helped a bit with the carpal tunnel and the new med is doing nicely to filter out a lot of the white noise in my nervous system. Still not fixed yet though, but working on it. =)

Didn't want to bugger up a paid piece in my long suffering to-do list, so this is up for grabs. Drop me a message if you're interested in this piece adorning a wall near you! Papa's been out of commission for a while and needs to start a Cintiq fund. ;)

"Recovery time makes Batman angry! Then again, so does pretty much everything else..."

There's some rough pencils and ballpoint under there, finished with Copic multiliner & sketch markers. Highlights with gel pen. 9"x12"