Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sketches o'the Day...Ultraman & Iron Man

Hey there, super limited audience! =)

Here's a couple pieces that I did tonight while hanging out with my friends and playing a rousing game of Arkham Horror LOL.

I finished the inks for Iron Man here first. Started the pencils as a second drawing during my last gaming session with the boys. Wasn't super happy with some of the shapes around the head, so I did a bunch of refining tonight, and finally worked out a design I liked. I always have a really tough time figuring out mechanical stuff. I swear it's my kryptonite. Anyway, decided to take my new Copic Multiliner SP's for a spin and inked away, and I have to say, I'm really happy with the result. About 1.5 hours dicking around with the pencils, and about another hour or so on the inks in between my turns in the game. I plan to hit this with markers next and see how it goes.

I felt like there was another one in me tonight, but couldn't figure out what the hell to draw for the longest time. I kind of just started doodling out out the shadows from a heavily down-lit face, and wound up with a drawing of Ultraman, Superman's evil antimatter universe counterpart, and leader of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. I really like his facial expression. I just imagine that he'd take great joy with being the last thing that you'd ever see. He's kind of a dick like that LOL. I plan on hitting him with inks and markers next. Got a solid 45 minutes or so into the pencils.

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