Friday, March 11, 2011

YAY for the Crossgen reboot!

Just finished reading Sigil #1 from the merry folks at Marvel, and god forbid, I'm impressed. Most of the folks who are aware of my comic book addiction, know that I got into Crossgen while is was fading away (especially Way of the Rat & Ruse), and only had a chance to read the trades that they decided to print, picked up from the occasional used bookstore. Given that they didn't really ever reprint the entire stories as they were in single issue form, I never really got to catch the endings of several of the key storylines. Disney acquired the corpse and the rights to the titles, and promptly let the line whimper and fade.

Cover to Sigil #1
Fast forward to 2011 and Disney, with it's acquisition of Marvel last year, decided to give the green light to a reboot, with the first 2 titles being Sigil & Ruse! Mike Carey did the writing chores on Sigil, and he was able to do what most writers can't - hook me inside of 20 pages. I know Carey's a genius, Lucifer & Hellblazer among other things speak to that, but I'm always worried when a publisher tries to rehash a solid property. In this case I shouldn't have worried. I don't want to give anything away, but it starts with modern teen angst, a girl who's lost her mom, and continues to have strange dreams involving the Sigil, and ends on a pirate ship in the 17th century. I can't wait for more.

Ruse should be coming back shortly (with the original creative team!), and if it's nearly as good as Sigil, I'll glady be a new Crossgen acolyte. Go pick this up before Crossgen dies again from a lack of interest, it's well worth the read.

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